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WW1 records discovered

Monday, 16th March, 2009

A British historian has stumbled across records from World War One that have been virtually untouched for 90 years.

The records contain the personal details of soldiers who died in the war and may reveal the final resting places of many of them.

You can watch an interview on the BBC website in which Peter Barton shows Robert Hall some of his findings at the Red Cross archive in Geneva at

The Long, Long Trail

Wednesday, 3rd December, 2008

I’ve just come across this site The Long, Long Trail which is all about the British Army in the First World War and aimed at the family and military researcher.

The Long, Long Trail was selected as best overall website for researching military ancestors by the BBCs “Who do you think you are?” magazine and it certainly seems to be a very useful site if you are looking for more information about an ancestor who was in the Army during World War 1.

Researching a soldier

A soldier’s life

Understanding military documents

Military records

Monday, 17th November, 2008

Looking for military records?  Ancestry might be able to help… it’s free to search during November.

Their collections include:

British Army WW1 Service Records 1914-1920 – Updated to surname “N”

Friday, 14th November, 2008

Ancestry UK, in conjuction with the National Archives, hold a database containing the surviving service records on non-commissioned officers and other ranks that served in WWI and did not re-enlist in the Army prior to WWII. This database has recently been updated and now contains records for all surnames in the range A-N. Names that fall outside of this range that are presently included come from records that were misfiled according to surname sequence.

For British Army WW1 Service Records 1914-1920 – Updated to surname ‘’N’’ Click here to see Ancestry’s British Army WW1 Records

Researching your WW1 family history

Tuesday, 11th November, 2008

2008 marks the 90th anniversary of the end of World War 1 and today, 11/11 is Armistice Day.  As part of their Remembrance Series, the BBC have a very helpful article on how to discover your family’s role in WW1 history.

British Army WW1 Records

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