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See the people in your tree on a map

An exciting announcement from now helps you visualize where important events occurred in the lives of your ancestors by placing their events on a map.

We’ve updated the family tree so that just about anywhere we show a place, you can click on that place and see the link on the map.  When we display the map we’ll also show all the events for the person.  It’s been fun for me to start visualizing these places in my tree that I’ve been staring at for so many years.  The map let you see the streets and roads, or select an aerial view to get satellite images.

We’ve worked hard to make this easy to use, but for any who want a fun tutorial, we’ve created a pretty great tutorial that walks you through all the map’s features. Just click the question mark in the green circle at the top right hand corner of the screen.

In addition to viewing the important places in your family members’ lives, you can also find places to help you in your research efforts.  We have links to show local cemeteries and courthouses, and “Other Places” link displays a list of additional display options where you can find historical information—churches, historical sites, libraries and archives, and government buildings.

If the locations in your tree aren’t found by our mapping tool, we’ll help suggest possible matching locations to display. If you have no location entered for some of your events, the map feature allows you to enter in location information which will then be stored to your tree.

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